Other Services

Administration of Property

As your Property Managers, we would require access cards/ passes (if applicable) and keys to the property. This would enable us to provide approved access to the property for our management services, assisting with potential Tenant viewings or furniture deliveries, decoration, cleaning, maintenance services etc. If you do require Tenants they will need a supply of every internal household key. You will need to supply this additional set if not already at the property or we can arrange for additional keys to be cut with your approval. A signed management contract will enable Exclusive Links to act on your behalf for any additional services you may need assistance with for the up keep, maintenance and management of your property. We can also provide the use of a postal address in Dubai for your convenience.

Cleaning and Laundry

Our honest, reliable and supervised cleaners provide a personalised quality service tailored to the needs of each individual client, with the dedication to getting it right for you every time.

  • A thorough general clean of the property
  • Bedroom linen/ curtains can be collected, laundered and refitted
  • A deep clean service can be offered. The deep clean team will ensure every inch of your home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, floors, tiles, and kitchen appliances e.g. washing machines, ovens, fridges, cupboards and drawers, skirting boards, walls, doors, inside windows and dusting of all surfaces
  • Our trained and reliable window cleaners will make your windows sparkle; all safely accessible windows will be cleaned
  • Specialised cleaning services e.g. chandeliers, carpet and rugs, furniture and upholstery can be arranged
Exterior Landscaping and Garden Maintenance

Landscaping design services can give you the garden you desire and deserve whilst adding value to your asset. The professional and efficient garden design team will work to achieve your specific requests with quality results. Garden landscape design, swimming pool/ jacuzzi installation, external flooring, granite slate, cobble stones, marble, and water features can all be arranged by Exclusive Links. A weekly maintenance service will provide all the necessary equipment to attend to shrubs, plants and lawn.

  • General tidiness of the garden includes raking of leaves, weeding of landscape area, trimming and pruning
  • Lawn mowing and edge cutting
  • Lawn fertilisation and slow release fertilisation treatment of shrubs and trees will be carried out periodically
  • Monthly pesticide spraying for lawn and all plants
  • Quotations available for automatic Irrigation systems

This could be a vital service during leasing requirements or periods of vacancy to maintain gardens.

Pest Control

Unwelcome little visitors can show up even in the best-kept homes. We can arrange a pest control inspection, and if necessary, a thorough pest control treatment. Our intentions are to provide a complete solution for a pleasant and pest-free living environment. We encourage our Landlords to have pest control done at the commencement of tenancies to prevent larger issues and offer the property in good condition ready for your new Tenant.

Painting and Decoration

To enhance your property and have it stand out from the rest we can arrange a refreshing coat of paint at the most competitive prices. This will assist in returning your property back to a new condition and giving the rooms a new lease of life. For a more acquired taste and design, you can opt for paint effects and wall paper within the decoration services. For further information and to discuss your requirement we look forward to hearing from you.