Management Services

The property management services offered by Exclusive Links Leasing & Property Management provide peace of mind and effective solutions to homeowners. Over the past 16 years, our property management services have continued to grow with a pool of local and international property owners needing their investment to be under the right care in their absence or simply for their convenience. For those owners wishing to rent their property we can offer the support and assistance you need to ensure your Tenant fulfills the tenancy obligations. We are available as a point of contact and reference for all enquiries and our aim is to provide convenient lease management services that remove the time and stress involved for homeowners with Dubai properties. There are many laws and regulations in Dubai regarding the leasing of properties and you will need a professional and transparent property management company in Dubai to look after your interests and keep you informed of any amendments and Landlords and Tenants rights.

In the event of any leasing disputes, legal costs can be substantial and while our negotiations skills and management role renders an amicable resolve, should there be a requirement we can offer you representation and further legal advice on your managed property. Our efficient maintenance support options joined with our background knowledge & experience enables us to present quick solutions at competitive rates. We will manage and maintain the property condition to maximize the returns on your investment and reduce your costs. An effective management company will save you money and at Exclusive Links, this is a priority. We continue to work in pursuit of service excellence and we are committed to offering a premium, professional and flexible real estate management service to customers and producing an extensive list of property management solutions that will be beneficial to any homeowner in Dubai. We are fully licensed to manage other people's properties and we have made the capital commitment required to offer these services and provide our clients with further comfort and security. Our wide range of management packages extend to include commercial property and services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.